The Tongue and Groove Store | Prefinishing
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The Tongue & Groove Store provides a pre-finishing option on all of our products. Our environmentally conscious, machine applied coatings set us apart with a quick turnaround time and the ability to design and produce custom products with a consistent and high quality finish on every piece.


  • The Tongue & Groove Store offers the following pre-finish options:
  • Prime / paint
  • Conventional clear coat
  • Stain, including custom matched colors
  • Doors
  • Custom finishes such as glazing
  • Reclaim finishing


Let us take the headache away from you…literally

Finishing involves working with chemicals and fumes and can create quite the mess. Let us do the finishing and with the last nail, your job is done and will look professional. No sanding, staining or sealing, best of all no fumes, mess or headaches to deal with.