The Tongue and Groove Store | Rough Cut Barnwood
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Rough Cut Barnwood

The Tongue & Groove Store offers a wide selection of barnwood style planking.

Alamo Barnwood

A golden hue peeks through the authentic circle saw marks to add warmth to any room.

The Tongue & Groove - Alamo Barnwood

$4.89/sq ft Prefinished

Northern Lights Barnwood

Take a step back in time. Authentic saw marks provide an old world charm.

The Tongue & Groove - Northern Lights Barnwood

$4.69/sq ft Prefinished

Blue and Buggy

Reclaimed directly from Mother Nature, this Knotty Pine is about as rustic as it gets. Its warm, rustic appearance is sure to add character to any room.

The Tongue & Groove - Blue Buggy

$3.35/sq ft
Prefinished Add: $1.15/sq ft

Timber Trail

This rough cut White Pine is perfect for those looking for a lighter shade of Barnwood.

The Tongue & Groove - Timber Trail

$3.29/sq ft

Prefinished Add: $1.15/sq ft

Old Shack Road

Reminiscent of wood found in an abandoned shack, the weathered finish on this wood instantly adds charm and character.

The Tongue & Groove - Old Shack Road

$4.69/sq ft Prefinished

North Shore Barnwood

Grey streaking and a unique wire brushed texture makes this pine almost as irresistible as Lake Superior’s North Shore.

The Tongue & Groove - North Shore Barnwood

$2.89/sq ft

Prefinished Add: $1.15/sq ft

Weathered Wood

Combining the perfect amount of gray and brown tones, this Weathered Wood has an earthy, vintage appeal.

The Tongue & Groove - Weathered Wood

$4.69/sq ft Prefinished

Salvage Plank Pine

This salvaged pine has been rough sawn and has a natural patina that cannot be replicated.

The Tongue & Groove - Salvage Plank Pine

$2.84/sq ft

Prefinished Add: $1.15/sq ft