The Tongue and Groove Store | Ceiling and Wall Paneling
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Ceiling and Wall Paneling

The Tongue and Groove Store manufactures our products on site. This allows you, the customer, to tell us what to make and how to tailor it to fit your exact needs. Common paneling profiles include: V-groove, WP4/carsiding, shiplap, center-match, edge and center bead just to name a few. All of our wall and ceiling planking is tongue and grooved on all four sides.  This ensures a superb fit and eliminates waste.

 Stain Colors

The Tongue & Groove - Gray Wash Pine

Grey Wash Pine

The Tongue & Groove - Gunstock Pine

Gunstock Pine

The Tongue & Groove - Shaker Pine

Shaker Pine

The Tongue & Groove - Tobacco Pine

Tobacco Pine


Tamarack T&G

Known to be a tough and durable wood, Tamarack has a warm, golden color. It is popular in sun rooms and other natural light spaces.


Basswood T&G

Basswood contains knots and mineral streaks throughout its pale color.  Locally grown, Basswood is a customer favorite and is often used as an alternative to Knotty Pine.

 Black Ash

The Tongue & Groove - Black Ash

Black Ash is consistent in color with a somewhat rustic and knotty appearance.


The Tongue & Groove - Aspen

Commonly referred to as Popple in the Northwoods, is light in color and weight. It stays true to color and is often used as an alternative to cedar in saunas.


Cedar T&G

A very moisture resistant wood, Cedar is great for saunas and bathrooms. Knotty in appearance with warm and fairly consistent coloring. It is also beautiful on walls and ceilings.


Red Oak Tongue & Groove

Oak is widely used in furniture. You will find some color variation from board to board and a fair amount of knots. This open grain wood takes stain well.

Knotty Pine

The Tongue & Groove - Knotty Pine

Wildly popular and budget friendly! Pine has lots of knots and character, making it great for walls and ceilings in your home, cabin, or even fish house! It’s sun kissed golden color will continue to darken over time, adding warmth to any room. The Tongue & Groove Store uses an ultra clear finish that does not yellow.

White Wash Pine

The Tongue & Groove - White Wash

A white wash coat is applied to our pine, creating a light and airy feel in any room.

Grey Wash Pine

Grey Wash Knotty Pine

An updated twist to the classic White Wash Pine, our Grey Wash Pine adds a little splash of color.

Shaker Pine

Knotty Pine with Shaker Stain

This stain on knotty pine offers a perfect blend of brown and grey coloring.

Tobacco Pine

Tobacco Knotty Pine

This stain’s rich brown tone gives this knotty pine a bold look.

Gunstock Pine

Gunstock Knotty Pine

The perfect medium brown to add color without overpowering.

Painted Knotty Pine

The Tongue & Groove - Painted Pine

The clean lines of this painted pine make it a popular choice. Paint color is available in the color of your choice!

Shiplap/Nickel Plank Pine

The Tongue & Groove - Nickel Plank Pine

The revealed edge of this profile adds a sleek, modern feel to the T&G. This profile is available in all other species as well.

Blue Stain Pine

Blue Stain Knotty Pine

Looking for something other than the traditional Knotty Pine? Our Blue Stain Pine may be just the ticket. Streaked with hues of blue/gray, it is sure to add instant appeal to any room.


Hickory Tongue & Groove

Extremely calico in color and rich in character, Hickory is also one of the hardest woods in North America. Hickory instantly brings warmth and personality to any room and is a great choice for walls or ceilings.


Birch T&G

Native to Northern MN and WI, Birch is calico in color and generally does not contain many knots.


The Tongue & Groove - Cherry

A mix of heart (red) and sap (white) has a rich, regal appearance. Cherry will continue to darken over time and can contain knots.


Maple T&G

Natural Maple will have mineral streaking an varying shades of light brown from board to board.

Knotty Alder

Knotty Alder T&G

Hence the name, Knotty Alder contains lots of knots. It is very consistent in color and has an inherent warmth about it. The warmth and charm of Knotty Alder has made it a popular choice.

Engineered Shiplap

Engineered Shiplap

Create a classic style with our engineered shiplap.  1/2″ thick, 7″ wide and 8′ long.  Available in the paint color of your choice!  Our engineered shiplap has a unique tongue and groove fit that allows for hidden fasteners and no face nailing!

Price per square foot:

Price per square foot:

1×6 Unfinished Prefinished
Aspen $3.05 $4.20
Basswood $2.94 $4.09
Birch $3.12 $4.27
Black Ash $3.12 $4.27
Cedar $4.29 $5.44
Hickory $4.32 $5.47
Knotty Alder $4.05 $5.20
Maple $3.55 $4.70
Pine $1.52 $2.52
Red Oak $2.83 $3.98
Walnut $5.71 $6.86
White Oak $3.65 $4.80
1×8 Unfinished Prefinished
Aspen $3.61 $4.76
Basswood $3.42 $4.57
Birch $3.82 $4.97
Black Ash $3.82 $4.97
Cedar $4.89 $6.04
Pine $2.02 $3.02
1×9 Unfinished Prefinished
Hickory $5.44 $6.59
Walnut $8.06 $9.21
White Oak $5.21 $6.36

We have beautiful Barnwood!

Add some Old World Charm to your home! Prices starting as low as $2.84/sq ft. Hand selected, 100% usable! Great for paneling, flooring, and millwork!

Alamo Barnwood

A golden hue peeks through the authentic circle saw marks to add warmth to any room.

The Tongue & Groove - Alamo Barnwood

$4.89/sq ft Prefinished 

Northern Lights Barnwood

Take a step back in time. Authentic saw marks provide an old world charm.

The Tongue & Groove - Northern Lights Barnwood

$4.69/sq ft Prefinished 

Blue & Buggy

Reclaimed directly from Mother Nature, this Knotty Pine is about as rustic as it gets. Its warm, rustic appearance is sure to add character to any room.

The Tongue & Groove - Blue Buggy

$3.35/sq ft 

Prefinished Add: $1.15/sq ft 

Timber Trail

This rough cut White Pine is perfect for those looking for a lighter shade of Barnwood.

The Tongue & Groove - Timber Trail

$3.29/sq ft 

Prefinished Add: $1.15/sq ft 

Old Shack Road

Reminiscent of wood found in an abandoned shack, the weathered finish on this wood instantly adds charm and character.

The Tongue & Groove - Old Shack Road

$4.69/sq ft Prefinished 

North Shore

Grey streaking and a unique wire brushed texture makes this pine almost as irresistible as Lake Superior’s North Shore.

North Shore Barnwood

$2.89/sq ft  

Prefinished Add: $1.15/sq ft 

Weathered Wood

Combining the perfect amount of gray and brown tones, this Weathered Wood has an earthy, vintage appeal.

The Tongue & Groove - Weathered Wood

$4.69/sq ft Prefinished

Salvage Plank

This salvaged pine has been rough sawn and has a natural patina that cannot be replicated.

The Tongue & Groove - Salvage Plank Pine

$3.29/sq ft

Prefinished Add: $1.15/sq ft 

Don’t see exactly what you’re looking for?

Visit our showroom or call us at: (218) 729-7842 for more information.