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Engineered Shiplap

Did Somebody Say Shiplap?

Our innovative design puts our engineered shiplap tongue & groove at the top of the list.

Shiplap is a timeless addition to any home. Using our engineered product, you can achieve a clean and modern look or farmhouse style.

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Engineered Hardwood

Engineered products provide more stability in wide & long planks. Boards stay true and straight; no cupping or warping.

Tongue & Groove

Our engineered shiplap has an innovative tongue & groove design, machined with tongue & groove on all four sides of the plank. This helps cut down on waste, and allows for fasteners to be hidden.

Superior Grade

Our engineered shiplap is made from superior grade, moisture-resistant hardwood, which means there are no knots to have to worry about.


Our engineered shiplap comes end-matched; meaning all four sides of the shiplap are tongue & grooved. This minimizes waste, and allows joints to float, instead of needing to land on a truss or stud.

Wide Planks

Our engineered shiplap comes in wide planks, measuring a full 7 inches across.

8' Lengths

Our engineered shiplap comes in all the same lengths, 8 feet. Long planks makes the installation time shorter, and also cuts down on visible seems.

Hidden Fasteners

Our innovative tongue and groove design allows for a hidden fastener installation. Traditional shiplap must be faced nailed, and our innovative design removes the fuss of having to fill those nail holes.

Factory Finish

Factory finish options are available in standard white and unlimited custom colors.

Easy Install

Precision machined planks are easily installed by both professionals and DIY’ers.

Made in USA

American made, American quality. We are proud to say our engineered shiplap is manufactured in the USA.

All Natural and Renewable

Our engineered shiplap is made from natural and renewable resources.

CARB P2 Compliant

Our product is complaint with CARB P2.


Shipping is available nationwide.

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