The Tongue and Groove Store | Showroom
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We’re Remodeling!

This spring the Tongue & Groove Store began phase 1 of its showroom overhaul. Changes include: Vaulted ceilings featuring our T&G products, a new paint scheme and lighting as well as a complete reconfiguration of the product display area. We’re excited to begin the next phase involving removing the worn carpet, a new front desk area and new door and trim displays. Stop in and view our progress, but please excuse our mess!!

The Tongue & Groove - Showroom1
The Tongue & Groove - Showroom2
The Tongue & Groove - Showroom3
The Tongue & Groove - Showroom5

Formed in 2009, The Tongue & Groove Store, was founded on the premise of providing quality solid wood products at wholesale prices. We use select grades of 100% kiln dried lumber, which is processed on-site using modern manufacturing equipment and processes, including in-house CAD capability allowing us to design consistent high quality profiles and products with minimum waste. Browse Our Gallery